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The Details:
BMX-18.00 Urethane V-Belt for 18 
BMX-18.00 Urethane V-Belt for
18" B-Groove Pulley

Designed for blade wheels on gasoline and diesel powered band mills only


Urethane V-Belt Features:
- Extremely durable and highly resistant to blade lubricants
- 85 Shore A Durometer
- Last 4 to 5x longer than standard automotive v-belts
- Extruded to within .002 of specified thickness

Urethane V-Belt Benefits:
- Creates a more stable platform than a standard automotive v-belt which can deviate as much as .020 in thickness
- Multi grooved face design which draws saw dust away from the blade body resulting in a smoother operating blade
- Made 10% shorter than pulley circumference which creates a tighter fit , reduces vibration in the head and prolongs the life of your blade
- Non-Stick surface which never requires cleaning

Urethane v-belts cannot be used as a drive belt.

(V-Belts are priced individually)

Price: $37.20